Create your beautiful landing page, profile or blog using Notion in minutes

qsite which stands for quick site is a super fast way to take your Notion pages to a whole new level. No code required. You can think of it as an alternative to Wordpress, Squarespace or Medium. Built on top of Notion but with more controls over design and layouts.
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Everything to get you going in minutes

Getting started is easy
  1. Copy the link to your public Notion page
  1. Sign-in to qsite. Paste your Notion link
  1. Add your subdomain. And you are ready!
Super Fast!
Fully Responsive
Unlimited Static Pages
Synced with Notion
Custom Domains
Pretty URLs everywhere
Secure: Automatic SSL
Themes via Custom CSS

Easy pricing



Get started

✅ Per Site
✅ Custom Domain
✅ All Features
✅ Email Support
✅ No qsite Branding



Best Value

✅ Everything in the monthly plan
✅ Cost savings - 2 months
✅ Priority Support
✅ Be the first to access new features
✅ A shoutout on your website 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about qsite and the services we offer.
Can't find the answer you are looking for? Email us 👉 support@qsite.co
Does qsite have a free plan?
Yes we have a 15 day free trail to try out everything before you are convinced this is the right tool for you. Post that plans start as low as $6 per month (or $5 per month, if paid annually)

What counts as a site?
A site is one domain (this includes all subdomains and pages). If you have different domains they will be charged separately.

Do I have to be on a paid Notion plan to use qsite?
No you don't need a paid plan on Notion. All features mentioned on qsite work fine.

Can I customise my pages?
If you have knowledge about CSS, you can customise the page look and feel from fonts, to colors to layouts.

Can I customise the URLs?
We automatically add pretty URLs based on your page title, but you can customise them anytime or add new ones.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?
Sure no questions asked. Cancel anytime.

I have more questions
Happy to help. Write to us on support@qsite.co


This site was built on Notion and optimised on qsite
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