Our Stack

Web App

NextJS - React framework and Serverless
NodeJS - Backend for Background Jobs
MongoDB via Mongoose (Data Layer)
Sentry - Error reporting
Vercel - Deployment


next-auth - For Auth
react-notion-x - For interacting with Notion
filepond - Slick file upload component
grapesjs - DYI website builder
react-monaco-editor - Code Editor
react-hook-form - Form Library
react-hot-toast - Toast message library
react-query - Data fetching library for React
react-tiny-link - Link Preview
@hapi/boom - HTTP-friendly error objects.


Bull - Background Job with Redis (hosted on Railway)
Serverless Mongodb - Hosted on Atlas
Cloudflare Workers - Site meta fetcher proxy


Github - Code Repo
Figma - Design
Notion - Notes and wiki
Height - Issue tracking